How Kitchen Transforms

Transforming an old kitchen into a new one is our passion because we believe in reinventing. Transforming a kitchen improves its functionality, adds its storage capacity and gives a fresh and lively look to the kitchen.

Transforming a kitchen requires an all round change to it. It involves changing the floor and giving it a new look. Flooring can be changed in accordance to what the kitchen owner wants or what is in trend. The wooden flooring or a floor giving a wooden look, these days, is in trend. Changing the floor can help giving a spacious look to it.

Then there comes the chance of old-fashioned and dull cupboards which can be completely transformed to unusual and new ones. For this purpose, changes can be made in design, size, shape and colour.

Changing platform’s shape, size and position can make the kitchen look more spacious. Platforms are made in different shapes like L-shaped, U-shaped, V-shaped, I-shaped and these shapes are used in such a way so as to best utilise the space.

Sink can be moved little higher to provide counter space on both the sides.

Cupboards and platforms together can save the kitchen from looking chaotic.

Changing the position of fridge and oven can also add to the new look of the kitchen.

Changing colour of the walls, lights, keeping indoor plants inside can also be done.

These changes altogether can transform your kitchen into a most contemporary one, all ready to enjoy cooking.